Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Replicating a duplicate

Back in December 2011 I attempted to duplicate some animal blankets the girls saw in Costco. I was pretty pleased with the outcome, although the effort was far greater than expected. Here was the blog post:

When choosing a gift for an upcoming friend's birthday last week, my daughter #2 wasn't happy with any of the birthday gifts we have "in stock". (To save my sanity I but /make several gifts to save me from having to do last minute shopping.)

So with 5 days to go that left me looking at my fabric stash & searching the Internet for ideas. The birthday girl loves cats so I thought I'd recreate the cat blanket in pillow form. I've sped up in the last 2 years, but as usual, I procrastinated cutting the fabric, so ended up doing most of the sewing the night before the party. What do you think if the final result? My youngest daughter says this looks like a happy cat, unlike hers which she says looks sad.