Sunday, October 31, 2010

Princesses and Spiders

Princesses were in demand this Halloween... and Ottobre Design delivered lots of ideas (and patterns) for creating their dresses. I talked my oldest (a real Jasmine) into being princess Jasmine as I really didn't feel upto the pink puppy that she'd been wanting all year. I was very pleased with how that came out, especially as I customized the patterns along the way. Princess Belle was a more traditional party dress with 2 tulle underskirts to boost the puffiness.

Not sure if you notice but the little one did a costume change between photos... Friday she started out as a black widow spider (courtesy of big sister #1 from last Halloween) and by Halloween she was a spider princess. My favourite part of the costume is the giant spider hot glued to the headband... its legs curl beautifully her head (sadly you can't tell from this photo).

The best part... they were all very happy in their outfits... that and all the sleeping I did the following evening to recover from all the Halloween festivities.