Monday, June 14, 2010

Birds III

Back in April a sparrow decided to make a nest in our retractable awning... not a problem it turned out with the cool & wet spring we've had... but this weekend was such a scorcher we wondered if the babies were all grown and we could get our awning back.
To our great surprise, Mummy sparrow had 4 babies crammed into a tiny nest....  and within 24 hours out one of them fell... and then another! I spent the rest of the afternoon worrying about the little brood outside (as well as the ones inside). One of them went hopping off along the garden and while we were having our dinner, his Mummy flew down to feed him... he wasn't quite ready to fly, but she took him off somewhere safe. We were sure the other one was a gonna, as he just huddled on the patio behind the watering can and didn't respond when his Mummy kept calling. We expected a dead bird and burial this morning (argh), but there he was ...out warming himself in the sun. Perhaps Mother Nature is being kind to us all!