Friday, November 6, 2009

Spiders and Witches

Three girls and not a glimmer of pink for Halloween... that makes my husband very proud ;-)
This was a week before Halloween when the girls had a chance to try out their costumes while watching a spooky movie.  My middle one could not decide between a princess and a spider, so with some helpful ideas from Martha Stewart, we went with a spider princess.  She has a wonderful big furry spider on her head which sadly gets a bit lost in this photo.  My youngest got to wear the Pumpkin Witch outfit that I made for my oldest a few years ago (last worn when my youngest was just 10 days old... my how time flies!).  And last but not least, our spider.  She was very proud to win 1st prize in the Scariest Costume contest at the school Halloween Festival and amazingly the extra 4 legs (plus hump on her back) were very comfortable to wear; she spent most of 2 days wearing it.