Thursday, October 16, 2008

The children are back at school already!

Okay, so my leap into blogging was more like dipping my toe in the water. Anyway I have plans to improve... no, really I do. It's getting near Halloween, or the 'last day of Halloween' as the girls call it. Anyway I thought you might like to see a preview of the girls in their Halloween costumes, I got them to try them on at the weekend so I could check they were all happy. The bat is the new addition this year, and the cat and tigger are recycled from last year and a few years ago. My older two have worn 'tigger', and now amazingly it's my little one's turn. Looks like I need to add a little more fusible webbing to hold down some of those 'tigger' stripes though!

We are having a Halloween/Birthday party for the little one this weekend, so everyone is excited, and I am operating off "to do" lists every night when the house (supposedly) goes quiet. We're very much in the Halloween spirit in our house - with Haunted houses, tinsel & lights in the family room, pumpkin & spider lights, and ghosts outside, and the latest addition is decorated ghost/cat/pumpkin/bat cutouts stuck on the stair rails. I even made chocolate chip pumpkin muffins (the chocolate was to make them more applealing) with the older girls on Sunday. Before you are too impressed though, let me say that the can of pumpkin has been sitting in the cupboard for over 12 months, thank goodness canned food has a shelf life of years.